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22 Jul 2019 20:30

Last week the children in the 0-2’s room have been focusing on numbers and counting! We have been doing lots of fun activities to encourage numbers, counting and recognising big and small objects. The children have enjoyed playing a game of hook a duck where we were counting the ducks and also having different sized ducks in the tray to recognise big and small. The children all took it in turns to play this game and whilst playing this game we sang the 5 little ducks song 🦆 We have also been singing number rhymes whilst doing what’s in the box at group time. This allows the children to develop an awareness of number names whilst having the enjoyment of number rhymes. We have used different objects to represent different number songs such as frogs (5 little speckled frogs) 🐸 monkeys (5 cheeky monkeys) 🐒 and ducks (5 little ducks)🦆 The children have also been trying to solve different jigsaw puzzles and also have attempted to fit different shapes and numbers into the shape sorters. Whilst playing with the stackers the children were beginning to put the rings in the correct order. Whilst in the construction area the children have been building towers and counting whilst putting each block on top of one another 🧱 the children concentrated and had good hand and eye co ordination whilst putting the blocks on top.

21 Jul 2019 08:56

Aimee completed her Level 3 back in March but her certificate has only just arrived! Well Done Aimee!!!! #achievement #qualification #outstanding #praise #oneteamonegoal #blackburn #progression

20 Jul 2019 09:10

We had an amazing Graduation Party this week as we wish our School Leavers Goodbye and Good Luck. #parentpartnerships #schoolreadiness #goodbye #goodluck #oustanding #blackburn #positivetransitions #partygames #competative #dancing #fun

18 Jul 2019 19:30

We will be re introducing our ‘rainy day packs’ for our pre school children from September. There is one for each child to take home. They are optional, but are a fantastic way for parents to get involved with their child’s learning. The activities link directly with what’s going on in the classroom. Do as much as often as you like. Staff will change the packs regularly so the children always have something new to do. #EYFS #TeacherLed #OutstandingPractice #Schoolreadiness #parentpartnerships #learningextensions

18 Jul 2019 14:13

We will be introducing our Pre School ‘Home Rainy Day Packs’ which link to class activities. A fantastic way for pa…

18 Jul 2019 12:38

A fabulous guide for parents .... #HealthyEating #Nutrition #EarlyYears @bwdhl @_thedailymile

18 Jul 2019 10:34

Everyday our children take part in the @_thedailymile challenge it sets the children up for the day. Amazingly just 10-15 minutes of physical exercise can hugely increase a childs ability to learn and absorb information. Plus it’s lots of fun! 😁 #greatstart #EYFS #EarlyYears #Exercise #HealthyLiving #HealthyBodies #Nurseries #Blackburn

18 Jul 2019 10:31

Everyday our children take part in the @_thedailymile it sets the children up for a day of learning. #greatstart

15 Jul 2019 13:31

Today some of our children visited Tesco to go and learn more about where their Fruit and Veg comes from as part of…

15 Jul 2019 13:17

Today some of our children visited Tesco to go and learn more about where their Fruit and Veg comes from as part of our Be Healthy Topic. The children also made their own bread and talked about their favourite fruits. Thank you to Margaret for inviting us! The children have been so excited sharing their morning with the others and writing more shopping lists! #Outstanding #InteractiveExperiences #Tours #EarlyYears #HealthyEating

14 Jul 2019 18:13

1 Week to go until the 6 Week Summer Holidays!!! Did you know we do flexible booking patterns as well as block bookings? We are taking bookings across the 6 week Holidays for children aged 4-11. Spaces are filling fast! £12 per day 8am until 6pm and bring a packed lunch. Full week bookings are just £50. There is also an option to pay for a Hot Lunch at £2.50 a day. Recommend someone to sign up and receive a free day! *T&C's Apply For more info or to book please call 01254 691787.

11 Jul 2019 18:40

The children have built their own Obstacle course today. The children used a variety of construction materials such as; tyres, building blocks, trays and logs, they did this independently. Once they had built the obstacle course they used their balancing skills to go across it, and when things were difficult they tried placing them into a different position so that the obstacle became easier. The children took turns to get on the obstacle course and waited patiently for their turn. After that we had a race to see who could tidy up the fastest and everyone was super fast and brilliant. Well done guys!!!

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