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18 Apr 2019 13:36

We enjoyed a fabulous Easter Parade this morning and had an extra special treat, a visit from the Easter bunny! Th…

18 Apr 2019 13:23

We enjoyed a fabulous Easter Parade this morning and had an extra special treat, a visit from the Easter bunny! Thank you to all the parents, aunties, uncles, and Grandparents who came along to watch the children show off their Easter creations. Happy Easter to all of our lovely families xxx

17 Apr 2019 12:31

A brilliant example of a post that Aimee sent to the parents of Toddler Room through our Famly App. Today the toddlers have enjoyed doing some dough disco which has so many developmental outcomes. The children have been encouraged to roll, poke and stretch the playdough which helped them to strengthen there muscles and use their fine motor skills... 👆🏻🤲🏻 Early mark-making is not the same as writing. It is a sensory and physical experience for babies and toddlers, which they do not yet connect to forming symbols which can communicate meaning. Mark making is so much more than just a scribble... babies and toddlers learn and begin to make sense of the world through mark-making. It’s the beginning of a child’s journey towards writing and it is an important step in a child’s development for hand writing, creativity and coordination in the future. 🧠 Mark making gives the children the opportunity to express themselves and explore new materials other than a pen and paper. It encourages them to create marks using there fingers in sand, paint or playdough. And can represent a child’s thoughts 💭 In terms of characteristics of effective learning our outcome for today was “playing and exploring” the children got the chance to show curiosity when using different approaches to explore the play dough. The children showed a can do attitude throughout the whole activity. The children also showed good sharing skills as they shared the playdough equipment with each other and waited for their turn as well as concentrating and maintaining focus throughout. A simple activity like this has so many benefits for their development here are the links to dough disco below:

16 Apr 2019 10:26

We have a Senior Practitioner Role available in our Stunning @EvolutionChildC #China branch #Hangzhou opening June…

15 Apr 2019 10:21

I Will Learn to Write But First I must..... *Paint *Build *Scribble & Draw * Climb *Manipulate tools and equipment * Play with letters These photos Display some of the ways we how support children through play to engage with all these activities that will enable them to have strong muscles to allow them to write when they are ready. The link below has some fantastic ideas!

12 Apr 2019 19:31

Look what landed in Reception Today!!!! Our super Rhyme Time Activity Bags full of stories, rhymes and props to help support and extend the activities for every age. 🎶🎶🎶 "Reading and storytelling with your child promotes brain development and imagination, teaches your child about language and emotions, and strengthens your relationship." 😀😪😡 Click the link below for more reasons why these bags will be great learning experiences - especially on rainy days. 🌧🌧☔☔🌈🌈

11 Apr 2019 14:38

Here is an example of a Toddler Tea / Afternoon Snack we did today. This is a perfect tea for Toddlers who like to explore different tastes and try new things. We cut the potato cakes into stars to make them more appealing and perfect to fit into little hands. Also adding a bit of extra presentation can encourage fussy eaters to give it a go. Here we have Potato Cakes, Rolled Sliced Ham, Vegetable Puffs, Natural Dried Fruit Shapes with A selection of different taste and texture fruit 🍇 🍉 🍈

10 Apr 2019 18:27

So today's all important question...... Which cereal makes the best Easter Nest Cake? The children enjoyed making their cakes and tasting them too! Overall....It was a tough decision but the winner was Toddlers with their rice crispie cakes!!!!!

09 Apr 2019 10:32

Did you know that we have recently opened up a waiting list for our Baby Room for September? Please come and have a look round or call the nursery for more information. Limited places available. 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥50% off First Months Fees for any Childcare Place in our Baby or Toddler Room. 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

08 Apr 2019 10:35

Our topic this month is All About Me. Early Learners have had a very special visit to help them explore this topic.... Marvin Monkey is our new friend in Early Learners who teaches us to be kind and also likes to play with us too. We all sang our hello song to Marvin before doing an activity. Each of the children shook Marvin’s hand and said hello to make him feel welcome. 👋 Once we all had welcomed him to our group, he spoke to Mahnur and asked the children if they wanted to look at each other and learn different things about our friends. Lola put her foot by Megan’s foot and said to Megan that her boot was smaller, we then paired up and put our feet next to each other, Mia told me that Megan’s foot was bigger. Jessie put her foot next to Mia and said “daddy’s boot is big”. Ava then measured her foot to Megan’s foot and when I asked her who’s was bigger she pointed at Megan. After we did this, we looked at who’s hands were bigger or smaller, which they enjoyed for a little while. Then we stood up and looked at who was taller and who was shorter. To start Megan and Mahnur stood up and asked the children who was bigger, Megan or Mahnur, Mia pointed and said Megan. We then put Jessie and Mia next to each other and asked who was shorter. The girls pointed to Mia. We then asked who was bigger and Ava pointed at Jessie. Marvin the Monkey, Megan and Mahnur were very impressed with the girls in this activity, they were really good at talking about big and small objects and learning that we all are different in our own way!

07 Apr 2019 11:12

Happy Sunday...... We would love to know how you have spent your Sunday with your little one?

03 Apr 2019 10:18

Early Learners enjoy their Yoga sessions before lunch time. There are so many benefits to yoga which can help our little ones become confident little explorers. There is more information on the link below. We use the Cosmic Kids Videos available on Youtube.

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