Pre School Room

Reception Room

At the age of 3 your child will be ready to transition into the Pre School Room and start their preparations for ‘Big School’. The ratio within this room increases to 1:8 and at this point parents can claim their early years grant entitlement for their child whilst in the Reception Room offering a great reduction in child care costs.

The planning within this room is still play based but the activities become more structured in order to transition your child into school. We provide language lessons, P.E and show and tell sessions within this room to develop their communication and physical development skills. These sessions are on rotas which are handed to the parents within a welcome pack to inform you of the days of the week each session commences on throughout the year. Within this room we also introduce a 52 week programme called letters and sounds which introduces phonic skills and begins to develop the children’s literacy and communication and language skills.

The Reception Room offers freedom of choice for the children to help develop their self help skills and independence. The room is set into many areas in accordance with the early year’s foundation stage, where the children can develop their skills with the help and support of the childcare practitioners in the room. They will support the areas building trusting relationships with the children. Children have access to plenty of outdoor activities both in our nursery garden to develop physical skills and on outside visits within the local community including trips to the local library, museum, and local attractions and to local shops and business to enhance the knowledge of their environment. We also invite different types of people into the nursery to give talks to the children, ie paramedic, dentist, etc.

The children will also embark on a new reading scheme which is a fun way for the children to use pictures in a book to tell a story, this can be a bed time story at home and using the communication book we provide you can write comments about your child’s learning which will help the practitioners to enhance your child’s learning by providing a book that is of a good relevance to them.