Birthday Party Madness For 3 Year Olds

27 March 2018

Less than four weeks ago, Nat, Dec and I were discussing the ever looming subject of Frankies 3rd Birthday. It’s been a subject we have been discussing on and off since well... her last Birthday actually as Nat likes to…plan ahead.

How about a Frozen Party she suggested? Nat, I appreciate its March and it’s snowing, but seriously forget ……‘The Cold Never Bothered Me Anyway’, because it does and we are not resorting to making the house any colder with freezer open whilst we play hide and seek in the fantasy ice palace. No Dec we cannot serve ice cubes instead of food despite the money saving benefits to the party. Mind you I could seriously knock together a quick presentation on 100 reasons why you shouldn’t marry someone you’ve just met!

I digress...

Okay what about a Build A Bear Party Dec suggests? Clearly Dec has never been into a packed Teddy Bear making sweat factory on a Saturday afternoon with a three year old... Believe me Dec, your time will come and you will understand that IT IS FAR MORE FUN giving birth to three real children and that’s WITHOUT the assistance of gas and air, than it is to stuff and place a plastic heart and fluff filled life into these creatures. Once made you then have to choose its clothes which is far more stressful and rather weird as you try and work out why your children want their bear to resemble Hugh Heffner in leopard pants and dressing gown, a Victoria Supermodel complete with Purple Angel wings or Pammy Anderson complete with skimpy suit, lifesaving inflatable and mini jetski!! That’s the stress with ONE child never mind a party of 30!!!

Take that as a NO he retorts…

So eventually after much deliberation Nat and Dec opted for a Soft Play Themed Disco Extravaganza for Frankie, which can be translated into 2 hours of manic play for 30 very hot faced, sugar fuelled and dehydrated children charging round without socks on spreading their bacteria infested feet germs together! Absolute 3 year old bliss.

Although I wasn’t allowed to distribute my Parents facts sheets on the role of socks and how they prevent contagious diseases or even get Parents to sign the disclaimer I had prepared about how the food may contain small plastic parts, barbie shoes or Vinnie's dog toys (Frankie happily helped with the baking), I still had a wonderful, fun filled day without a single trip to A&E.

Happy Easter

Have a wonderful Easter everyone and here’s to surviving the Sugar Rush Season.

Kindest Regards


(Managing Director of Evolution Childcare)

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