The Hug Button

5 June 2018

Recently, I was carrying out a showround and taking a parent of a 3 year old around the Nursery.

As we came to the end of our tour, Mum shared with me her concerns that she was afraid her son wouldn’t be able to get through the big first day at Nursery without her. I explained all about the settling in process and then suddenly I remembered a beautiful heartwarming method that I thought she should try.


Take a pen I said and draw a heart in the middle of yours and your sons hand. Give him a spare heart on his arm in case the hand one wears off. ‘Charge’ the hearts together by holding hands for a few minutes. Whenever he is anxious during the day all he has to do is to press the heart and it will send a virtual hug back to him from Mummy giving extra squeezes to keep him comforted until home time.

It goes without saying the little boy is now a happy, well settled Reception child whose virtual hugs were all he needed to give him the confidence to spread his wings.

My son Dec takes his driving test this week and he too will be wearing a hand drawn heart to press when he wants a hug from me. No matter how old you get, we all could do with a confidence cuddle now and then.

Sometimes the simplest and most heartwarming methods just have to be shared.

Kindest Regards

Sue xx
(Managing Director of Evolution Childcare)

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